to invoke the muse

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my name is doug campbell.  my wife and i live in the foothills of the great sierra nevada range. after many years of corporate life the time to pursue my personal creative passions is at hand. my background includes a number of years as an easel painter , showing work in several large western galleries and additional works represented by an international art agency. Later, during my corporate and family years I found the computer with it’s evolving set of artistic tools to be the answer to continuing my interests in fine art creation. during that time i was fortunate to have access to many cutting edge programs and emerging computer graphics paradigms. i’ve rarely returned to the easel since.

A love of nature and photography has been a life long passion, my wife lucy and I enjoy the proximity to some of the most beautiful areas of our precious planet.

Included in this site are some examples of me playing guitar works from the classical repertoire. Not a maestro, but a dedicated and passionate amateur.

Thank’s so much for stopping by.