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The Muses are among the many aspects of the Goddess. Specifically the nine muses are the ‘daughters’ of memory’‘ and are the gateway guardians of inspiration and creativity.




Apollo and the Muses

Who am I?

June 1, 2013

All types of creativity needs some form of inspiration, some wellspring of force to propel an idea into a tangible existence. The variety of this expression seems limited only by number of beings alive and their combined ability to dream.  But what these all mean, what individual insight or collaborative thought that could be construed to come from them will always in the flux of changing viewpoints thru time.  Rather it is that initial thrust, the true-sown seed, the bolt-in-the-night, a sudden quiet confidence … however the manifestation, that is what is to be the primary subject  of the ramblings herein.  From a creativity standpoint: what turns you on?  Literally. “Turns you on”.  To move from the passive to the active: is there a motivating force?  What is it?  Can you control any aspect of it?  These questions are not unknown and undocumented.  The creators among us are very articulate,and give voluminous testimony to their experiences.  History is filled with the words of creators.

To be continued…

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